Creatives looking to turn their life around

and reach their goals:

this 8-week Foundation coaching is for you.

Did you wake up this morning having decided that life had to change?

Feeling frustrated, sad or even angry?

Wanting to spin this whole situation around but not knowing where to start? An 8-weeks intensive is a great way to rock your creative world, find self-love and creation, and establish strong foundations for an Artful Lifestyle.


What do I get?


  • 1st session: 1h30 to fully identify and address what you want to change in your life, design your own artful ritual and find what you need to release or let go of


  • A designed plan to allow you to set strong foundations to a healthy creative life


  • Mindful homework: to learn how to slow down and reconnect with your intuition thus also gently aligning yourself into Life and Creation


  • A Nutritional Guidance tailored to your Creative profile and needs


  • Artful Assignments to foster your creativity, embrace playfulness


  • Unlimited access to your coach through messaging Monday to Friday


  • 1 Session per week + weekly check-up calls (15min) + 2 intuitional and pragmatical Guidance + Constructive Creative Feedback to reach your artful goals


How long do I receive coaching for?


As indicated, this is an 8 weeks intensive package. The content of your coaching will be entirely dependent on your needs and goals. It is a good option to lay the foundations of a healthy creative lifestyle.

Get in touch, to see if this could be the sign you’ve been waiting for!


London-based meetups / Online Coaching options available


Contact me at segolene@theartfulathlete.com


The Artful Athlete

Loony French Polyglot based in London. Holistic, Life & Creative Coach Languages, Voice, Breath & Movement Coach Theatre practitioner, Writer, Actress, Director Passionate about Communication, Movement, Performance, Arts, Wellness & Mindfulness

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