About Me

Hello, and a warm welcome to The Artful Athlete!

My name is Ségolène. I’m a Holistic Coach for Creatives and a Theatre Consultant based in London.

Holisti…what? Haha! Let me explain?

Holistic Philosophy is the belief that the various parts of life are interconnected and all influence the bigger picture. Being a Holistic Coach, therefore, means inviting someone to look at every aspect of their practice and allow them to see, heal and understand their bigger picture.

It’s like being presented with a problem and going:
“right, this doesn’t work. Let’s take a step back and have a look at the full panoramic views. Where are the roots of that tree? Why is the sky darker over there? How did my hair turn ginger? Why did my creating process become so hard?…” It’s commuting from a subjective experience of your life to an objective panoramic view, unveiling the mechanics of the process that got you to where you are.

That “where you are” can mean a lot of different things:
Why do I get angry so fast?
Why is my writing stuck?
Why am I not feeling 100% at work?
Why does my body hurt?
How do I get out of my head?
How do I put my creations out there?
How do I make it as a performer?
How do I turn my life around to fully live according to my calling?

And the list goes on.

My goal is to bring you back in balance, in alignment with yourself.

If you want to do a handstand, you have to build strong foundations and bring your body and mind to a place where it can withhold being upside down.

It’s exactly the same in life. I’m not here to teach you a handstand – I’m still learning how to do one! – I’m here to show you how to get your creative soul into alignment with your life.

As a performer, a writer, a creative: you suffer from a lot more pressures which eventually take a toll on your mind and body. Having to look a certain way to be casting worthy; needing to work a side-job because “writing/acting” doesn’t count as a real work; having to produce recipes for new dishes but not being able to put your full name on it…

And that’s not including the incessant societal reminders: are you single? Are you still living like a student? When are you settling down and getting married? Kids? Pet? Retirement?

Unfortunately, these pressures push creatives to a dark place and generate a lot of negativity, physical and mental stress as well as emotional imbalance. The consequences of those are felt in everyday interactions and ultimately in the creative process.

Your brain wasn’t designed to be filled up with stress-hormones on a daily basis. And eventually, the body and mind give up. Some may have a mental breakdown, others will quit creating because it was just a dream anyway.

What if I told you it wasn’t?

What if I told you that being a creative means you were blessed with a brain capable of exploring life and its earthly sensations in a unique way.

What if I showed you how to release the storm within and naturally find peace and joy in life again.

What if you could carry on creating, dancing, acting, LIVING without it being a source of suffering or it being impacted by your everyday.

No more fears of sharing who you really are.
No more shame of saying what you really are.

Knowing how to instantly shut the voice down.
Knowing what to eat/drink to appease or awaken specific emotions.

If you’re ready to quit what drains you, get back on that creative bandwagon and get up every day with the biggest smile on your face at the idea of doing what you love: then get in touch!

See you in the starting blocks.

Ségolène xx

Contact me at segolene@theartfulathlete.com