RESTORING BALANCE – Holistic Coaching

This package is an all-inclusive Coaching experience to help you ground and align yourself into your life. It is one of a kind journey designed to help you lift emotional blocks and ground yourself into the present.


What does it include?

  • GROUNDING: Finding your footing and rooting yourself deeply into your creative life.
  • ALIGNMENT: Boosting confidence and laying the foundation for emotional balance and stress-free life through postural, vocal and breath work.
  • MINDFULNESS: Creating your own rituals & guiding you to the food that fuels your artful soul.

These three aspects are key for you to become a better leader, communicator, creator and to achieve balance. It’s by strengthening your line within, that you’ll build the foundations for a balanced life.  


What do I get?

  • 1st session: 1h30-2hours to fully get straight to what your creative self desires, design your own artful ritual and unveil what’s really blocking you
  • A designed plan to allow you to free yourself of unnecessary baggage and hurts
  • Mobility and Breath homework to learn how to stand tall, boost your confidence and own every emotion, word, and thought
  • A Nutritional Guidance tailored to your Creative profile and needs
  • Artful Assignments to foster your creativity, give you the tools to solve any existent or potential crisis and grow into the role you want to play in your life
  • Unlimited access to your coach through messaging Monday to Friday
  • A recorded copy of your sessions + notes for your record
  • 2 Sessions per month + weekly check-up calls (15min) + intuitional and pragmatical Guidance and supporting material tailored to your needs and goals


How long do I receive coaching for?

This depends on your needs and goals entirely – each individual has a different story and background. That is why this package is for a minimum of 3 Months, with a possibility to extend/move to another package.


London-based meetups / Online Coaching options available


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The Artful Athlete

Loony French Polyglot based in London. Holistic, Life & Creative Coach Languages, Voice, Breath & Movement Coach Theatre practitioner, Writer, Actress, Director Passionate about Communication, Movement, Performance, Arts, Wellness & Mindfulness

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