Conditioning for Performance

Your everyday posture and movements have an impact on your performing ability.


Micro-injuries settle into the body over the course of your lifetime due to postural deficiencies, tiring work, or even hardcore gym training to respond to the sometimes unhealthy demands of the industry. It takes its toll on the body, mind and ability to connect to the other when performing.

This workshop uses a blend of movement techniques to help you:

  • prepare the body for performance and create a routine to look after your main work tool
  • shows you how to embrace and welcome emotions and connection through movement
  • teaches you how to move according to your own physical abilities and expand from them
  • feeds your expressive nature and reconnects you to your scene partners through the state of play


All of these are key elements should you want to develop your physical abilities and embrace a new approach to physical theatre.


Another bonus?  All these skills are transferable to any type of performance.


To master your own body and ability to connect, means to master performance.


Using a blend of methods and techniques ranging from Martial Arts (17th Century Fencing, Taï-Chi) to Callisthenics (Grace in Movement, Animal Flow, Mobility, State of Play) via Performance schools (Laban, Alexander, Nikolaïs, LeCoq, Grottowski) this workshop will allow performers and creatives to see how all the individual skills they’ve been encouraged to learn can merge together in performance.


It is neither a dance nor a sports class: it is physical conditioning. Learning to identify the key areas of your performance-body (its weaknesses and strength), how preparing physically can support your ability to connect to the text and expand on your performing range.

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