Language Coaching

1-2-1 Coaching or Production Work


Production Work: Actors & Script

Are you producing or directing a play/script with characters that speak FRENCH, GERMAN or Ancient Greek?
After having identified the character’s backgrounds together with the performer and directing team, we will assess how many sessions are required for the performers to master this pronunciation challenge. Once the rehearsal process over, I can – at the director’s request – attend runs and previews for further feedback.

Each performer will receive a recording of their lines  (three different speeds and levels of pronunciations), a pronunciation sheet and a vocal routine to maximise their linguistic ability.

My goal is to ensure a level of consistency in the pronunciation throughout the play: make choices that support the director’s vision.

You can find some of the productions I recently worked on in this article.

Should you require, I also provide a script editing and back translating service to ensure linguistic accuracy and consistency.

London Based / Open to Touring productions
Online Coaching option available


1-2-1 Coaching:  Unlock new Linguistic Skills

Just got cast or auditioning for a part that requires you to speak FRENCH, GERMAN or Ancient Greek?

Let’s make you performance ready in record time.

Approaching language coaching requires an open mind and an ear ready to be trained. Before starting your coaching, this would be the checklist required:

  1. Knowing who your character is
  2. Why does he have to use this language
  3. The historical context of the play and the directorial choices

That’s it. That’s all we need.

What do I get?

  • 30min diagnostic session to define how many sessions are required
  • Vocal SheetsRecordings and Customised learning material tailored to your needs
  • Vocal prep + Learning to Release the voice
  • Access to your coach per messaging Monday – Friday
  • Possibility to attend shooting/rehearsal/performance/recording depending on directorial agreement

London-based meetups / Online Coaching options available


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