Posture & Movement for Actors:

The Actor’s Body is his work tool


Being a performer – be it for screen or stage: you’re having to put your body through hell and back.

Going into a character’s physicality can take its toll on the body. Besides, you’re not always in character: you have your own posture in life. You spend time sitting, standing, moving, training… This is why it going into performance movement requires some groundwork.

Using a combination of calisthenics, Alexander, animal flow, Laban and mobility work we will allow you to:


  • find alignment in your body


  • fix postural issues


  • better your movement abilities by expanding your range


  • understand the postural chain and its role within the performance


  • be ready to jump in and out of character healthily from a physical perspective


Package Options:

  • 1-2-1 coaching: Embracing movement and posture (with text); All levels welcome


  • Rehearsal Workshops: Preparing a show and wanting to make sure your cast can move safely?


  • Performance Prep: Finding and owning your character’s physicality; preparing for a performance


  • Performance Rehab: How to heal and recover from the physical strains induced by living and performing


Get in touch to find what suits you best!


London-based meetups / Online Coaching options available


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The Artful Athlete

Loony French Polyglot based in London. Holistic, Life & Creative Coach Languages, Voice, Breath & Movement Coach Theatre practitioner, Writer, Actress, Director Passionate about Communication, Movement, Performance, Arts, Wellness & Mindfulness

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