Production Work

Segolene was amazing with me. I’d never spoken French before and I was really worried that I’d never be able to remember these new words for our play Two Ladies, let alone be able to pronounce them. She worked me hard and soon enough I was surprising myself with the sounds that were coming out of my mouth.
At the beginning Segolene used physicality to help me get into the sounds and memory of the words, which really worked for me. Later, she would make me repeat each line many times in varied nuances. She would also add the odd voice lesson with breath work and posture. Segolene was very knowledgable with history and so sometimes it seemed like a French culture lesson and not just an accent lesson, which made it more fun!
Her positive attitude helped me believe that I would master these French lines soon enough!

Thanks Segolene!! You’re amazing!
Ségolène was one of my first voice coaches. In our sessions, I felt very supported, witnessed and encouraged in my expression. Ségolène was an invaluable resource when I was learning how to sing in German for a production of Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman. She gave me simple and effective tricks that made me feel more confident in my pronunciation and ‘own’ the song. Over the years, I have also been able to go to Ségolène when I have experienced challenges expressing myself in writing. Ségolène’s holistic approach is unique and her dedication and passion for sharing wellness are inspiring!

1-2-1 Coaching

Ségolène sees you you as an individual, she sees YOU straight away. Almost like she knows how you are feeling before you do! She helped me use all of my senses to bring me back to me, emotionally, personally and professionally. Ségolène  makes you feel listened to, understood and that looking after your body and mind is important (which is what I am guilty of pushing to one side!) I always trust her judgment and advice, she is wonderful!
The help I received from Ségolène was just what I needed. Not only did she take the time to explain each verse, meaning, and breakdown of the scene – but she took time to explain historical context. It helped me to understand the character’s importance even further than before. Whenever I had a question, she happily paused to explain and made sure I understood it. In case I didn’t, she also had me record the whole session. Amazing definition of going the extra mile! Felt good having my own analysis heard about the text, whilst learning more!
Chantelle A. – Creative Coaching: Approaching Text
Ségolène enabled me to release stress-induced tension in my diaphragm and posture through numerous breathing exercises. Drawing on various techniques, she analysed what I required and was able to unlock the tension within. I am exceedingly grateful for her knowledge and patience in helping me.
Mon feedback suite à mon expérience de coaching vocal avec toi ça été déjà pour moi une belle découverte : riche en émotions comme en expérience.
En effet, avant toi je n’avais jamais pris des coaching et ce qui est beau dans nos différents échanges et les exercices que tu m’avais donné, tous cela m’ont chaque jours permis de gagner un peu plus en assurance et donc en  confiance en moi et en mon potentiel.
Mais pas que, car tu as été un véritable moteur tu ne t’ai pas arrêté aux exercices de vocalises car tu as fais beaucoup plus en psychologie pour me pousser toujours à avancer et à aller plus haut, pour que chacun de tes conseils puissent ressortir ce qui est enfouis en moi et le transformer en ce qui est de meilleure !
Tu es une sacrée coach vocal pour cela il n’y a aucun doute toute tes techniques de respiration m’ont permis de pousser toujours plus loin toujours de manière la plus juste possible ma voix quand je monte sur scène où que j’enregistre en studio avec de la maîtrise…
Merci de m’avoir partager cette expérience magique et inoubliable pour moi.



J’appréhendais beaucoup étant donné que c’était la première fois que j’allais faire des coaching vocaux. Puis au final, j’ai trouvé les coaching super bien car ça m’a aidé à travaillé d’une différente manière, apprendre des techniques vocales de base que je ne pensais pas avoir besoin. De plus, tu m’as rendu très à l’aise donc c’était agréable. Ces coaching m’ont permis de découvrir ma voix d’une autre manière.

Lydia A. – Vocal Training: Voice & Breath Coaching