VOICE & BREATH for Performers

Voice & Breath Coaching


As a performer undestanding and being in control of the breath is key.

If you master your breathing, you’ll be able to master and expand your vocal abilities. Layering such a skill set unto a text or movement will allow you to strengthen your connection to the audience.

Often enough, when an audience member struggles to connect to the play, it is because something broke in the communication channel. If you can keep them with you at all times, they’ll be able to follow and root for your character more easily. Thus staying in tune with the story and text.


Package Options:

  • 1-2-1 coaching: Text delivery and singing; All levels welcome


  • Rehearsal Workshops: Preparing a show and wanting to preserve your cast’s vocal abilities?


  • Performance Prep: Finding and owning the voice of your character; preparing for a performance


  • Voice Recovery: How to heal and recover from the strains performing puts on your Vocal System


Get in touch to find what suits you best!


London-based meetups / Online Coaching options available


Contact me at segolene@theartfulathlete.com


The Artful Athlete

Loony French Polyglot based in London. Holistic, Life & Creative Coach Languages, Voice, Breath & Movement Coach Theatre practitioner, Writer, Actress, Director Passionate about Communication, Movement, Performance, Arts, Wellness & Mindfulness

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